Monday, November 09, 2009

Procrastination…if you have a spare 4" 16'…

Love this video on a subject near and dear to my heart.Meant to post it earlier, but I just never got around to it.

I wonder what strategies you employ to break out of inertia like writer's block? I have always found that, sometimes, just starting to write and not worrying about the content is the solution. First map out the terrain, then make sense of the words. Likewise staring at a blank page without a single idea can be overcome by making a mark on the page. A border sometimes helps me in the way that marking lines on the floor of a corridor can help a person with Parkinson's avoid freezing - rather than making it to the end of the hall they can then simply make it to the next mark.

Here's an interesting blog post about overcoming creative block by photographer Paul Indigo.


  1. I've used Write or Die ( a few times when I caught myself procrastinating when I really should be writing. I've never tried the Kamikaze version (the one that starts the deleting what you've already written if you stop writing for a while, without hitting pause).

    I agree with your theory about not worrying about the content, sometimes. I used to need to have everything planned out before starting to write but I've found that it was pretty useless, since I'd always end up taking a completely different path anyway.

    I guess a good way to fight writer's block is to write... even if it means writing about the writer's block. Once you open the tap, it'll all start coming out and, next thing you know, you've moved on from the writer's block subject onto something else.

    That said, I still procrastinate as if it's going out of fashion so, really, don't listen to me much.

  2. classyadele1:58 am

    Procrastination is spending 4.16 minutes of my time watching that video clip, instead of writing up my thesis. LOL. But it was a good clip tho. :)


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