Started with nothing -still have most of it left

Some people ask me why I traded the comfortable life of an ad agency for unpredictable businesses and roles. This clip says it pretty well. (with thanks to UK planner Russell Davies) who seems to feel the same way...(and keeps up a superb blog - he is to communications planning what Thomas Mahon is to bespoke, Saville Row tailoring )(I kid you not)-both brilliant insights into their respective crafts, both very authentic.

Spoke at the first Congress of the The Council for the Humanities / Te Whainga Aronui ("to promote the regognition and value of the humanities/aronui in the creation and transmission of knowledge essential to personal well-being and the cultural, social and economic development of Aotearoa/New Zealand"). My topic was the Unknowledge Economy yesterday. I'll post the text once I have edited if for the web. Next formal engagement is the conference of the nation's school guidance councillors...I think the topic might be Successful Failure

I am struggling with taking a punt an posting some video blogs. Written blogs can be revealing enough.


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