Don't be chicken

I have a new computer. I am very pleased with it - a MacBook Pro.
It comes bundled with some funky software called Photobooth which served to remind me just how juvenile I can be.

Aside from the very sexy aesthetic (LOVE the silky keys), I also invested in an Airport wireless base station. Technology is a wonderful thing. I have been muddling by with old equipment as my iBook's screen died, then the power supply to my old WallStreet Powerbook burst into flame. I will try not to drive my car over the top of it (as I did with my Titanium G4).

Haven't been particularly well over the past few days. I will never again scoff at news reports that chicken can be dangerous if not cooked or handled carefully.
Of course few days spent close to the toilet is hardly comparable with the undeclared war on civilians in Lebanon.

Speak up. Standing mutely by is unacceptable.


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