Wing and a prayer

Well, I have to admit it. Now I’m hooked.

Last week’s episode of South Park with the walk-on part by the Virgin Mary was ‘must see TV’ -if only so that I could be informed in the debate. Actually she didn’t have a walk on part. She was a cartoon of a statue. A graven idol.

Frankly I thought the story was refreshing.
Boy is concerned about how much his dad is drinking.
Dad joins AA.
AA tells dad that giving one’s self up to a higher power would ‘cure’ him of his alcohol problem- patently a ridiculous notion in the mind of a child (bearing in mind the stars of South Park are kids).
To the kid it seems obvious - take responsibility for yourself. Drink less.
The higher power overpowers this notion.

Long story short. Virgin Mary statue in nearby town seems to be bleeding.
Not so original. ‘Parently they bleed all the time. Usually from acceptable places like eyes. Seems fair enough, I suppose…bleeding eyes. Hmm. Miraculous when we’re talking about a carving from a piece of marble.

So, tell me…given that marble edifices have no anatomy in the way that I understand anatomy – muscle, bone, viscera…you know–the gore within…wouldn’t it be miraculous if a bit of stone was to bleed from its gums. Sheesh…a marble statue with gingivitis would be cause for a media frenzy. But enough (before Martin Devlin launches a Catholic fatwa on me). I could end up being burned at the stake. Hey,…there is precedent. (though being male might be a mitigating factor. Most people burned as witch heretics by the Universal church were women.)

What is it that pissed the Catholics off so much?

Was it that the V.Mary might menstruate. Why is menses such a bleeding problem for men and male dominated institutions?
Now, there’s a thought.

Question: why do so many ‘Former Catholic Brothers’ are prosecuted for interfering with the boys in their care?
Perhaps all of the the flurry over CanWest’s screening of this episode of South park was a cynical diversion.

The questions will go on.
That’s good.
Isn’t it?

Oh and I love the use of the Chinese singer Wing on the show tonight.
Wing is a creative entrepreneur.
Is she rubbish.
I don't know.
I do know South Park didn't call me.
Lucky for you.


I’m a fan.

But never a fanatic.


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