Monday, August 15, 2011

The One & Only™ ...Me…ClanDestiny

I've been busy.
Creating a company takes time. 
And focus.
For the past year (ok, make that two) I have been imagining what the my future might look like.
My history is advertising.
Advertising is history.
What is the point of creating something amidst an enterprise where the business model has been a has-been for at least a decade?
Dead men talking.
I know, I know…ranters will tell me that television viewership is up, that magazines are more intimate than a set of la Perla knickers and that social media increases the opportunities for people to see and share your 'viral' content.'s not for me.
Short form smart-arsism will, hence-forth be confined to my blog. 

I hung my shingle out a couple of weeks back.
MacGregor Media Limited.
Why such a tedious name?
'Are you not the maverick who imposed Milk Moustache upon the world of Auckland advertising in the early '90's?'
Yes but…
In the spirit of The 1&O™ may I advance my thinking?

I am MacGregor.
(Not McGregor - my father made me return the book I won at school for being the best at art because the inscription was wrongly spelled. 
Not only was I humiliated by both parties I am certain I was thrashed without mercy for the most feckless of crimes the following year…
'Pull up your socks MACgregor - and if I catch you skateboarding without proper PE attire again I shall thrash you boy.
In fact I shall thrash you anyway.
See me in my study!').
A pathetic lesson in identity. 
But one well learned. 
It cast a spell(it right) on me. 
I am me.
And you can't be.
So MacGregor Media it is.
I went one step further and had my family's crest redrawn as my logo. 
We are sheep thieves after all.
My identity as a Scot is leavened by the story of migration. 
I am neither Scot nor Kiwi. 
But I am both and I draw on my children's whakapapa as much as my kith and kin. 
My daughter is Te Aupouri and my son's family hail from Mairangi Bay. 
They are of me and I of them. 
I don't see why a spot of of time traveling can't be allowed in the present/future?

It would be easy to come up with a random, humorous name - Starfish Bluenote or Behind the Knee - but hey…what is the point of having come all this way to give birth to an abstraction.
This grey hair is real. 
My experience is real.
Some of my ideas are really stupid (free broadband in both of NZ's major cities) and others - like Family Health Diary and Idealog magazine have become iconic on the New Zealand media landscape and game-changing, left field solutions to questions unasked (at the time).
People want reality and to feel connected with the products and services they choose.
A little non-fiction?
Solved with a lot of Non Fiction Advertising®

MacGregor Media is about developing media properties that resonate with people.
Don't care if it is eV, TV, Web, Social, Sitting round the campfire singing Kumbaya…
If it's media…it's me.

Let me know if you want to know more on the serious plane.

By the way the Gaelic on the crest reads 'Royal is my race'. But, famously we are sheep theives and malcontents and I am a republican.
Adaptable - but not maleable.

Level the playing field. 
Lock up your spinsters.

Non Fiction Advertising® is a Registered Trademark of David MacGregor. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I'm pretty sure it was the MacGregor clan who first came to William Wallaces aid in Braveheart after he knocked over the first English outpost/battlement.

  2. I have to admit I am a bit of a carpetbagger - appropriating the crest - I don't know much about the history f the clan. Though I have read a book about a rascally scoundrel called Gregor MacGregor how did some incredibly dodgy deals involving South American land deals and the transportation of suckers to their plots in paradise (ultimately two feet wide and six feet deep in most cases) -