Monday, June 08, 2009

Master Of All You Survey?

I rather like the hokey charm and wit in this promo for US indie advertising agency Boone Oakley.It is simple and different. But mostly it challenges the notion of a 'domain' - asin Master of All You Survey. I've never really thought much about why, but the word 'domain' has always seemed curiously awkward to me - not as much as 'eyeballs' instead of 'visitors' or 'guests', but it has a kind of exclusive, ring-fenced, silo'ed introspection that is so last century.

So. When you visit Boone Oakley you don't get admitted across the moat through the portcullis and into the walled city of their 'domain'; …you get passed directly to a video on YouTube that is navigable and is hyper-linked to other videos on YouTube. It is utterly simple and very charming(especially the reason why the agency name doesn't follow the silly convention of anonymously including the names of every partner - fans of Wheel of Fortune, pay special attention).

Of course there is the obvious problem that the strategy doesn't allow for Google to spider the domain for descriptions and Metatags but, then again…I'm not writing about other agencies am I? And I suspect I won't be alone.

Share it with your friends and marvel at their audactity.

Thanks to Idealog for the heads-up

Follow the link to to experience it as intended.

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