Friday, December 12, 2008

How to speak New Zillund

How to speak New Zillund

Watching Breakfast TV (well not really watching it, just doing other things with the goggle box going in the background). Just noticed how broad Host Pippa Wetzel kiwi accent is. Angela D'Audney must be spinning in her grave.

A radio network has sent out a guide to New Zillund pronunciation which I found amusing.

Accents are a strange thing. I arrived in New Zealand as lad with a Scottish accent but have, over time, let it slide. Years ago I owned an ad agency called Milk Moustache. Part of the corporate culture was Sean Connery Wednesday. Everyone was required to answer the phone in their best Sean Connery voice. Sounds strange - not as strange as what some people thought was a Scottish accent. Still it was good for a laugh and resulted in more calls from clients on Wednesday than any other day of the week. When I visited Scotland I couldn't summon up a Scottish accent to save my life - I had become a kiwi - for better or for worse, as they say in wedding ceremonies.

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