Thursday, November 20, 2008

A kiss on the lips may be quite continental

ethical diamond
If you've seen the movie Blood Diamond you'll think twice about buying 'a girl's best friend'. How can you tell the provenance of a diamond. I'd imagine it is all but impossible - the trade is global, arcane and big business. Once raw diamonds have passed through processing centres like Antwerp, Tel Aviv, India, China and Russia (interesting article here) who knows where they originated.

Now you can Brilliant Earth offers diamonds mined in Canada, Australia and Malawi from Brilliant Earth.
The company also recycles the precious metals used in manufacturing the jewellery, so it is commited to sustainability.

In truth, having been married twice I have to say that diamonds may be forever but relationships aren't. I'd go with a paste rock next time round - Cubic zirconia anyone?
(BTW did you know the 'tradition of diamond engagement rings isn't as age-old as you might think - it was a marketing invention of the DeBeers company - kind of like Coca Cola's interpretation of Santa Claus)

santa and st nick

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  1. I haven't seen Blood Diamond but 'real' diamonds will always be 'a girl's best friend'. Cubic zirconia - never!