What is hype?

I signed up for the Wizard of Ads newlsetter ages ago. The Monday Morning memo is often interesting and, one of these days I'd like to attend one of their seminars (even if only to be wowed by their campus). Yesterday's edition discussed the idea that the medium is not the message. One remark interested me in particular towards the end of the piece:

To deliver a pointless message powerfully is the definition of hype.

Then I read this comment from the PSFK:

Kate Moss' collection for Top Shop, "inspired" by her heron-rock chic attire, turned out to be a huge disappointment. The Sun reported that Topshop had said nothing had sold out. Kate, 33, was paid £3million to create the 50-piece collection. So much for the hype. The queues, apparently, were massive towards the beginning of the day, but quickly fizzled when excited tweens realized, well, it was still Top Shop, quality construction and exquisite design features aren't fortes of the brand.

Developing a product line using Kate Moss' name seems to be a classic example of cynical exploitation. Assuming Ms Moss has no real talent for fashion design (I am simply expressing doubt, hard to say for sure that she did little more than sign off and then allow that signature to be used as a label), then the product is 'a pointless message' - an irrelevant association to exploit teenage girls.

Heartening to see the prospective victims weren't as easily duped as was imagined by the hypsters.

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