Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A foolish consistency is the hob-goblin of little minds*

Russel Brown talks about John Key in his blog 'Hard News'

"Fresh FM's Matt Lawrey asked John Key a good question last week: "In 1981, were you for or against the Springbok Tour?" It's a good question because it explores a fundamental divide in New Zealand society. You couldn't be older than 12 at the time and not have an opinion on it.

But Key's answer is insipid: he claims at first not to remember what he thought at the time, then says he doesn't have "a strong feeling of it at the time - it's such a long time ago", then eventually "guesses" that he was probably in favour. Listening to it (and it's worth listening to the whole thing), the impression is that he's unsure what he should say."

I disagree that asking John Key what his stance on the Springbok tour of 1981 was a good question.
In fact I'd go as far as to say it was a rather obvious attempt to ambush the subject.

Actually who gives a toss. South Africa went through a process of reconcilliation when Mandela took power from the white minority. They tried to move on in the best interests of all concerned.

Does anyone bother to ask Helen Clark what she thought about having children as she walked up the aisle? Probably because it is daft and pointless, barren ground.

I don't know what Keys' stance was, nor do I care (about as relevant as the coup in the Bainemarana Republic really, though it does offer TV1's Simon Dallow the opportunity to do his boyish Peter Jennings schtick as a correspondent from the hot spots of the world - does the Beachcomber resort count as a hot spot).

How about some policy or some decent contemporary wrastlin' in the jello pits of power.

Just a thought, but I'm guessing as many people now claim (in that Bismarkian re-writing of history that we all engage in) that they opposed the tour - oh, and voted against MMP. But curiously the size of the protest marches wouldn't bear up with the revised stats.

I was opposed to the tour on moral grounds back then, and for the record I opposed the waterfront stadium for the rugby world cup too (please don't flour bomb my apartment from a light plane).

In both cases it had nothing to do with rugby.

And engage…!

•R W Emerson - Essay, Self Reliance - download it here for free.

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