Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gangs of New Dork

I have started reading a new book. CREATORS - From Chaucer to Walt Disney by Paul Johnson.
The first chapter has me hooked already. Here's an extract that will resonate with you if you feel in the slightest bit creative:

"The act of creation comes closer that any other activity, in my experience, to serving as a sovereign remedy for the ills of existence."

I'm going to keep this post short because I can't wait to get stuck in.

On the weekend I am presenting a talk at Massey University's Open Day - 'The Creative Economy Continuum'. If you are in Auckland then stop by - Saturday at 1pm - main campus Massey University, Albany. Enter through Gate 1 (Just opposite the Albany MegaCentre - or whatever that monstrosity is called).
The details are here:

Finally. The Don Brash matter…Don Brash, leader of the opposition, has been - I can't think of a word that fits - named by Trevor Mallard (pictured left), the Labour Government's (read Helen Clark's) go-to guy for dumb-ass political kamikaze attacks. According to Mallard The Don is a Don Juan and has been or is engaged in an extra-marital relationship. Shock…horror (and that is just imagining Brash as a lady-killer).

I have a feeling the whole thing will blow up in the Labour Government's face.

If Brash falls from grace it will be a classic error of judgement on the part of Labour's droogs. It would create an opportunity for an aggressive young leadership to rise through the National ranks. My pick would be John Key - which would make the encumbent government seem exhausted and so out of ideas that they resort to Gangs of New Dork tactics - battering their opponents with a tickle me Elmo dolly. The worst mistake would be to sacrifice Brash for Brownlee (or worse Bill English - National's equivalent of Bill Rowling).

Don't know what a droog is? Click here.

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